Installation, For Expert

GeoPyTool can also be used as a module inside Python.

1. Install Python

Find help from Python official website please.

2. Install Needed Modules

Then run the following commands in terminal to install some base modules:

pip install cython numpy scipy matplotlib sympy pandas xlrd pyopengl BeautifulSoup4 pyqt5 scikit-learn requests tensorflow torch keras tqdm gym DRL

If you encounter errors, which might be related to numpy or tensorflow, please run the following commands to specify a particular version.

pip install numpy ==1.8.5
pip install tensorflow==2.3.1

3. Install GeoPyTool

After all the modules above getting installed, run the following command to install GeoPyTool:

pip install geopytool

If there comes no error message, everything should have been done successfully.

4. Run GeoPyTool

If there is no error reported, run the following commands in the Terminal to run GeoPyTool:

python -c "import geopytool;geopytool.main()"

5. Update an existing GeoPyTool

If you installed GeoPyTool as a module in Python, you can use the following command in the terminal to update GeoPyTool to the latest version on any operating system:

pip install geopytool --update --no-cache-dir

It is a good idea to update GeoPyTool with pip everytime before you use it.

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